Cal Tri shines in Panama

While the majority of the team is occupying themselves with silly little one-hour races, Cal Tri alums Brandt Champion and Shelley Harper and current member Erika Erickson sought out a more daunting challenge – Panama 70.3.

The trio found great success. Brandt and Shelley finished first and second in their respective age groups, a promising result for a 70.3 Worlds berth later on in the season. Erika took on the pro field and had a breakthrough race, finishing 10th against world-class athletes. For context, the men’s pro race was won by Javier Gomez. Ever heard of him? KOABD.

For a humorous “race” report that doesn’t actually say much about  the race but is an otherwise very fun read check out Erika’s post on her team blog.

Way to go guys!

UCSD “Tritonman” Race Report

February 22-23 2014


The UC San Diego Triathlon team gave us a full weekend of racing with a draft legal sprint tri on Saturday followed by the classic non-draft sprint on Sunday. We Cal Triathletes traveled the farthest for this competition (yes Arizona that includes you- your drive is two hours shorter than ours) but by the end of the weekend everyone agreed that it was well worth the journey.

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Spring 2014 Racing Schedule

Cal Triathlon’s Spring 2014 Racing Schedule has been determined and finalized!

Races in blue and gold are ones that the team will specifically target (and organize travel and lodging) in the West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC) – save those dates! Races marked under “Team Travel” are ones that people on the team usually attend and we will help you to organize carpools down.

DateRaceLocationDistanceRace WebsiteTeam Travel?
February 22-23, 2014 Tritonman (UCSD) Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA Draft Legal and Classic Sprint Link Yes
March 2, 2014IronBruin (UCLA)UCLA Campus, Westwood, CASprintLinkNo
March 8-9, 2014 Treeathlon (Stanford) Redwood City, CA Draft-legal and Classic Sprint Link Yes
March 24, 2014 WCCTC Championships - March Triathlon Series (Cal Poly SLO) Lake Lopez, San Luis Obispo, CA Olympic Link Yes
April 4-5, 2014 USAT Collegiate Nationals Tempe, AZ Draft-legal Sprint, Non-draft legal Olympic, Mixed Relay Link Yes
April 19th, 2014Kendra's Race (UCSB)UCSB Campus Point, Santa Barbara, CAIntermediate SprintLinkNo
April 27th, 2014Davis AggieathlonUC Davis Campus, DavisIntermediate SprintLinkNo
May 3-4, 2014 Wildflower Lake San Antonio, Bradley, CA Olympic, Long Course (Half-Ironman), Wildflower Double Link Yes


UCLA Aquathlon Race Report

by Lauri Takacsi-Nagy

On a surprisingly chilly November morning in what is usually balmy Southern California, two Cal Triathletes, yours truly and the ever badass Kristen Curry, toed the starting line of the Chase The Turkey UCLA Aquathlon in pursuit of glory, omnium points, and what promised to be Lärabars at the finish line.

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Crazy in Love with Cal Triathlon: Santa Cruz Triathlon

by Lydia Roth

Nobody wants to get up at 4:30am. I mean, let’s be real… only crazy people get up  that early on a Sunday morning. As triathletes, however, we wear the term “crazy” on our   sleeves with pride whenever it’s time to head out for a race. On the morning of Sunday,   September 29th we headed out for our race, with our “crazy’ sleeves on, in the lovely beach town of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz puts on a great race, evidence of the fact that a couple of us did the race last year and came back this year for more. This year the race was preceded by perfect   weather, a luxury we didn’t experience last year due to an hour-long fog delay. Five and   a half hours after our alarm clocks had gone off, our male athletes were sprinting across   the sand into the chilly Pacific Ocean. Five minutes later, I felt their excitement as I rushed   across that same sand with our two other female athletes to brave the water as well.

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No Longer a Rookie, Not Yet a Vet: Stanford Treeathlon 2013 Race Account

by Kristen Curry


There’s something special about that first triathlon. The unknowing of what is going to happen next. The cluelessness of how to set up a transition. The race day morning realization of, “wait.. how do I warm up for three sports at once?” This is why I love the Stanford Treeathlon. It is the start of a new, incredible journey for so many young athletes.

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Cal Triathlon Goes to Nationals

(Note: this text originally appeared in the Daily Californian. The original article can be found here)

By Katherine Velicki

Crammed amid thousands anxious college students from across the United States, 40 brave racers representing Cal Triathlon inched toward the edge of their seats and crossed their fingers last Saturday. It had been a long three days in Tempe, Ariz., for these athletes. Stepping off the plane on Thursday afternoon, they were cordially welcomed to the site of the Collegiate National Triathlon Championships by a scorching desert breeze and hundreds of scattered cacti. Friday was a rest day for most, but Cal’s top male and female triathletes placed third and second in the short, fast and highly competitive draft-legal race.

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(Bike) Rack City, B@#$%!: Cal Tri at UCI Zot Trot

 After weeks of fighting off flu’s and what we affectionately called the “Tri Plague”, a brave few emerged for the first sprint Triathlon of the season. February 9th, on a Saturday morning, Cal Tri loaded up our cars with Gu bottles, Cliff Bars and road bikes and ventured 6 hours to beautiful land of Irvine. Many of our eager travelers were about to embark on their first Tri, excited to claim the title of Triathlete.  For the rest of us it would be the first race to an eventful season. Continue reading

I Love to Race.

An Unofficial Account of UC Davis Aquathlon 2012

Shelley Harper

I decided I was going to be a Golden Bear on a Monday morning in November 2007. It was November 12th to be exact and I know this because it was absolutely the best decision I have ever made. It marked the beginning of a remarkable journey at Cal that has now given me the opportunity to be part of something incredible: the Cal Triathlon team. Continue reading

Davis Aquathlon 2012

On October 28th, only a few days out from Halloween, was the Davis Aquathlon hosted by our lovely farm folk from UC Davis’ Triathlon Team. Given the glamor of the announcement of Nationals in Tempe, AZ and the counting down towards April 13, 2013, it is not surprising that the kickoff race to the WCCTC racing season received due hype from the triathletes of UC Berkeley. For example, the event saw more Cal Triathletes than all other schools combined – UCLA, Standford, and Davis included. Continue reading