Jocelyn Vides | Training Vice President

Jocelyn is a 3rd year majoring in psychology. She's been doing triathlons for 13 years, and she still loves the sport! Jocelyn, one of our star draft legal athletes, isn't one who is easily pleased. To impress her on a date, you would probably have to swim, bike, and run with her and simultaneously provide her with cookies. If not, then you should just probably leave her alone to nap. Her other passions include sleeping, eating, and people watching. When she isn't crushing it at fast transitions, she's probably just beating you out of transition, giving you no hope of joining her draft pack. Here at cal, she's currently pursuing a psychology degree, which honestly comes in 3rd after crushing enemies at triathlon and eating piles of desserts. Racing as a junior elite since she was in diapers, Jocelyn is the perfect education chair for the endless questions that any beginner may have - if you bring cookies, of course.