Team News

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Triathlon is always said to be a lifestyle, meaning that it touches every aspect of your life, and Cal Tri definitely adheres to this principle. You can and will find team members training, racing, and socializing 24/7 for 365 days of the year.

Training: The team organizes many Training Days, Pain Trains, excursions, and a few multi-day Training Camps throughout the year in exotic locations such as Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz, and San Diego. With this well-planned and exciting training calendar, Cal Tri gets down to business to defeat whatever competition is thrown our way.

Social: Racing and training tires out even us overachieving, hyperactive Berkeley triathletes. All that serious business can only be complemented by a heavy dose of fun, and this team sure knows how to have loads of it. We always say it – we’re more than a team, we’re a family – and all the events attended, bonds formed, and memories created are a testament to that.

Racing: This is what we do best, specifically destroying the competition wherever we show up and holding the Cal Tri banner and legacy up high. Our members have raced all over the West Coast, the United States, and the World. And we’ve won. A lot.

Browse around this section to find out what Cal Triathlon has been up to recently. If you’re already part of our family, you’re bound to get all nostalgic and fired up and passionate about the team and the sport of Triathlon. And if not … well, by the time you’re done you’ll understand what CalTriLove is really all about.