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None of our inordinate amounts of success would be possible without our sponsors. Triathlon can become an expensive sport, and thus we are extremely appreciative of them. Likewise, we are extremely proud to represent their brand and showcase their excellent products at the highest level.

If you are interested in helping us take triathlon to a higher level of athleticism and sportsmanship, please contact us at



Cal Triathlon intends to continue to be at the forefront of the collegiate scene and take the sport of Triathlon to new levels - but we need your help.

Triathlon is no longer a fringe sport for endurance athletes - it is an official Olympic event (and the most watched live Olympic event), and participation is exploding at all levels of the sport. USA Triathlon estimates that 1,280,000 athletes participated in at least one triathlon last year, and USAT membership has grown from 19,000 members to 150,000+ members in the last ten years. 72% of triathletes are between the ages of 16 and 45, and 50% of triathletes spend more that $4000 per year on equipment, sports nutrition, and coaching.

More information on the demographics of US triathletes.



Just like the overall sport, collegiate triathlon is also on a major upswing. At Collegiate Nationals in 2012, 1292 athletes participated from a record 122 teams across the nation. Collegiate triathlon has become a key point of entry for new triathletes, who then often remain involved in the sport for decades. It is thus also a key point of entry for companies who can offer the right products and services to this affluent, health-focused, adventurous, and goal-oriented demographic.

Considering all this, your sponsorship of our student-run, student-funded team is even more crucial. The Cal Triathlon Team has a huge presence within one of the most well-known, recognized universities in the world and within one of the fastest growing sports markets, and we can guarantee that your company will receive exposure at a local, regional, national, and international level.