Pierce Firebaugh | Racing Vice President

Hi, my name is Pierce Firebaugh, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Film and Sociology. I enjoy long walks on the beach, watching the sunset from a cliff overlooking that beach, and having a romantic picnic on - you guessed it - that beach. My other hobbies include triathlon, which we can divide into the individual disciplines of swimming, biking, and running to seem as if I have a diverse range of other hobbies, and nothing else, because - after triathlon - I have no time for other stuff. So I thought, why not have less time for other stuff? Thus, I write this blurb to you as the Racing/External VP of Cal Triathlon. I'm absolutely stoked to be in this position and will leverage it to the best of my ability to make racing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for every member. This team had provided a home for me since I first started at Cal, so I will do my best to make it a home for every member of this team. Cheers!