*NOW OPEN* Alumni Kit Order Form

Hello Cal Tri Alumni!

You all are an important part of our family and we want you to be able to rock the latest Cal Tri bike kits (special Pink alternate kit available), race kits, and other sweet apparel too!

Place your orders by OCTOBER 17th at this link: http://teamorder.serviziocorse.com/index.aspx?pc=2C1559ED-60B0-4BA7-AE98-9FE068E5C41B


Q: What’s the difference between a bike kit and a race kit?

A: Bike kits are what the team wears for training rides and consist of a jersey and either bibs or shorts based on your preference. Race kits are what the team wears for races and are a one-piece suit that are designed to swim, bike, and run comfortably. It is a good idea to have at least one of each of these things. 

Q: What size am I?

A: We’re going to be honest here, we have no idea. That’s why we have fit kits for you to try things on! Please come to Monday or Wednesday swim to try gear or message one of us specific items you’d like brought to track or trainer.

Q: What are arm and leg warmers?

A: These are basically slide-on sleeves for your legs and arms that go under your bike kit to keep you warm on those chilly and windy rides. These are not as warm as the jacket or vest but are a cheaper way to stay warm. 

Q: What is a head thingy?

A: This is referring to a neck warmer; similar to what you would wear when skiing. This is for extremely cold and windy conditions when you want every part of your body covered up. 

Q: Are all of these items necessary to be on the triathlon team?

A: Definitely not. However, it is a good idea to consider purchasing some of this gear because being on the team allows you to get large discounts on top-of-the-line gear that Castelli provides that you will not be able to get outside of the team. 

Q: Why do we have pink kits? Aren’t our colors Gold and Blue?

A: Traditionally, every few years the team has a limited edition pink kit just as an extra design to help us stand out as a team!

Have more questions?? Contact ryan.lund@berkeley.edu or schickelj21@berkeley.edu