Mentor/Mentee Program 2014-15!

Are YOU looking for someone to inspire you, someone to train alongside you, or someone to merely spice up your normal life?? Then you’re in luck! It’s that time of year, and Cal Tri is pairing up all newbies with one of our experienced team members. So even if you’ve had 10 years of triathlon experience or have never gotten off the couch in your life, feel free to fill our the mentee survey and get to know some of our returning members a lot better. Who knows, your mentor could end up becoming your closest friend from Cal yet! *cough* Varun and Lauri *cough*

Please fill out the MENTEE SURVEY form to be paired with a current member of the team and be deemed their mentee!

On the flip side…

If you are simply bursting with triathlon knowledge and excitement and cannot contain it any longer or just want someone to take under your wing, please fill out the MENTOR SURVEY form to be paired with a new member of the team and be deemed their mentor!

We really encourage both new and old members to participate. Additionally, we will be holding a team dinner to commemorate our new mentor/mentee pairs along with various competitions and events to follow. Times and locations TBA
mentor_menteeWinners of last year’s mentor/mentee photo competition, Ben and Glenn!