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The Official 2016 Cal Tri Store Catalogue

Hours: Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30pm, Sundays from 7:00-9:00pm, and by appointment (We are currently trying to set up an online tri-store) Remember, as dues-paying members you are entitled to a T-shirt, pull buoy, and paddles. Be sure to get the first one to show off our team to the campus/world, and the latter two because Coach Dean is all about pull sets (: Feel free to browse all the Cal Tri related goodies that we have available for you at TriStore. ***Note: Keep an eye out for emails about race kits and bike kits, these are handled separately by sponsorship. *** Currently in the works: NEW Swimsuits, Trucker Hats, Bob the Triathlon Hunter Shirts, Bathrobes(more of a kickstarter idea at this point).

Team Shirt: $10

Look good repping CalTri on campus, at home, or even halfway around the world with our classic team shirt. Remember, the first shirt comes free with dues so be sure to stop by and pick one up!

Race Shirt (2016): $10

An eye popping artistic masterpiece. It is a scientific fact that there is a direct correlation between days-wearing-race-shirt and Tri-tinder right-swipes.

Winter Tri Camp Shirt (2016): $10

Tired of everything in your wardrobe being the same color palette? (Well too bad, you go here.)

Shake up the color scheme with this sick tee! (Cool mentor not included)

Dry-Fit Team Shirts (men, womens): $15

A staple go-to shirt for any track workout, tempo, or Sunday long run, these dry fit shirts are both comfortable and made with all that moisture-wicking fabric goodness. Say goodbye to working out in those cheap, free cotton tshirts from Caltopia!

Track Jacket: $50

Don’t let the price deter you, these jackets are probably one of the best investments you can make. Lightweight and sleek, the pockets even come with zippers! Never lose a Cal id or keys ever again.

Sweatpants (with pockets): $25

the sweatpants (with pockets) have been restocked! Grab them before they sell out again. They’re so cozy you may never want to change out of them, and you’ll be wondering, how did I ever live life without the warmth and comfort of these sweats??

Track Pants: $40

The twin to the track jacket, get these track pants to match and you will be rolling up to any race prepared and ready to destroy after warming up in your new gear.

Running Shorts (men and womens): $20

Who needs Nike shorts when you can get your own, Cal Tri branded shorts? Paired with the dry-fit shirt and visor, it makes for the perfect running outfit. Now all you need are some blue and gold running shoes…

Swimsuits, Speedo: $35

Cal. Tri. Speedo. Need we say more?

Swimsuits, One Piece: $55

We’ll let all the girls (and guys) checking you out at the pool do the talking.

BlueSeventy Trisuit: $30 (limited sizes available)

Excited to race but don’t know what to wear? Look no further, because the Blue Seventy Trisuit is for you! Perfect for the swim, bike, and run you can avoid changing shirts and suits during your race, saving you those precious seconds and helping you reach a new PR. Doesn’t our team look great in these suits? One of those faces can be you.

Water Bottles: $5

Definitely a top-seller and favorite among team members, the Cal Triathlon branded water bottle is one of the best deals here. No more need to die of thirst when climbing Diablo, just pop one of these in your cage and you’re good to go. But honestly, who wouldn’t want one of these bottles?

Running Visors: $15


Cycling Caps: $14


Drawstring bag: $15

drawstring bags are perfect for bringing all your pull gear, towels, and workout clothes to and from practice. There is also a separate mesh compartment to separate dry and wet things


Miscellaneous: $15-$30

Be a part of Cal Tri history and purchase one of our vintage race suits or pants. Prices vary depending on quality, age, and demand of garment. Cheapest is $15, most expensive is $30 in this category. Come see if there’s anything in your size!



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