Training Camps

Fall Triathlon Camp – Lake Tahoe

Time to kickoff the 2014-2015 year! This year’s camp will be taking place in the gorgeous setting known as Lake Tahoe and will take place from September 19th-21st(Friday – Sunday). Camp will consist of the usual – swimming in the picturesque Lake, surreal biking, plenty of eating, running some challenging trails in the area, and bonding with the CalTri family.

  1. Fill out this survey, which you should have also received through email: Fall Training Camp 2014-15
  2. Make sure you have paid Team Dues with RSF (see “Step 2″ here: How to Join) or it will not allow you to register for Camp in Step 3 just below this.
  3. Make sure you have paid for Fall Tri Camp with RSF. This is the only way to OFFICIALLY confirm your registration for camp, and you will not be considered going until you complete this step.
    1. Go to this link and search for “triathlon”:
    2. Select the desired Sport Club Registration and click “Login Required”. For triathlon there should be a few listed, including one titled “SC Triathlon Fall Training Camp” which is $50.00. Add this to your cart.
    3. “Continue” and then “Proceed to Checkout”
    4. Complete payment online with a credit card.