Why should you join Cal Tri?

For starters, if you’re on this page, you’re clearly interested in joining. But more than that, Cal Tri offers something no other club, organization or team can. Nowhere else can you find such a group of like-minded yet diverse people who come together to be part of something larger.

It is always said that Triathlon is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Many of our members say that becoming part of Cal Tri was the best decision they made during their time at UC Berkeley. Likewise, many alumni attest that being part of the team opened up possibilities for them in the future and intrinsically changed their lives.

Considering our history, reputation, success, tradition, overall influence, and just the feel-good, social atmosphere the team creates, it is not surprising to hear that Cal Tri becomes the defining aspect of many people’s experiences at UC Berkeley, and even of their entire lives. We hope that it can be the same to you.

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