How to become a member of Cal Triathlon

Please follow the steps carefully and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our secretary.

Step 1

Interested in joining the team in Spring 2020 but want to learn more? Don't miss our Welcome Week, full of awesome events where you can learn what the team is about! Join our Spring 2020 Recruitment Listserv to get all the updates on recruitment, what joining the team means for you, and how to join! Also show up to our fun welcome week recruitment activities!

  1. Check out our Spring 2020 recruitment Facebook event here
  2. Sign up for the Spring 2020 Recruitment listserv here  (or to the right)

Join our open email list: All of our communication goes through this email list, including official practices through a weekly "tri-haps", training, racing, and member events. Feel free to send an email to it if you have any questions or concerns. Joining the list is fast and easy.

  1. Sign up for the listserv here
  2. Enjoy!

Step 2

  1. Activate your RSF membership for free here.

Step 3

  1. Spring 2020 practices are here! If you are on the fence about joining the team, there is a two-week trial period at the beginning of the semester to feel us out and see if you want to join the TRIbe. If the cost of joining the team is a concern, please email Annika McBride at regarding payment options.
  2. Do you currently receive our “Tri Haps” emails from Coach Dean Harper?

    • Make sure to sign up for the listserv in Step 1!

Step 4 (The Fun Part)

  1. Once you have completed all the above steps, you can pick up your swim equipment and your Cal Tri T-shirt at Tri Store hours from the Apparel Director.


Step 5

  1. Finally, come to practices and introduce yourself! We love meeting new members, and our team consists of some of the least intimidating people there are. People of all fitness levels are encouraged to come, even the elites have to start somewhere!