End-of-Season Banquet

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It’s that time again, the one in which we celebrate our endeavors, accomplishments, and successes from the past year. Banquet is always a classy event, and it was made even more so this year by catered gourmet pizza from Zachary’s Pizzeria in addition to all the food brought by the team for the potluck-style affair. The evening kicked off with the 2011-2012 Recap Video, an elegant and articulate montage of all things Cal Tri composed by the GoPro master himself, Chris Fuentes. As the food and drink flowed, the tradition of Team Awards began, including both the serious and the not-so… Highlights included Varun relinquishing his hold on the Three Bears Navigator Award to Ms. Katherine Velicki, the Tri Elders Award going to none other than Juliana, the I-Look-Better-in-a-Dress-Award to Tayson Bui and the corresponding I-Look-Better-in-a-Dress-than-Tayson-Award to Chris Richardson, and the Third Wheel Award going to Carly Clusserath for trying to break up the Wonder Twins, as well as a slew of other funny recognitions.

Then it was time for the serious stuff, including the big Team Awards and the announcement of Tri Board 2012-2013, both of which are so worth recognizing that they are appropriately highlighted below:

Team Awards

  • Male MVP: Yoni Doron-Peters
    • Honorable Mention: Nick Halkowski
  • Female MVP: Erika Erickson
    • Honorable Mention: Christie Farson
  • Most Improved Male: Mike Knitz
    • Honorable Mention: Arthur Tonelli
  • Most Improved Female: Robin Young
    • Honorable Mention: Catharina Giudice, Anna Hiller
  • Best Male Rookie: Lauri Takacsi-Nagy
    • Honorable Mention: Dennis Roth, Austin Rayford
  • Best Female Rookie: Katherine Velicki
    • Honorable Mention: Alison Ryan, Lydia Roth, Kelsey Baisch
  • Lauren Picard Cal Triathlon Lifetime Achievement Award: Brandt Champion
    • Honorable Mention: Shannon Greene, Chris Fuentes

Tri Board 2012-2013

  • President: Sam Schneider
  • Internal Vice President: Varun Pemmaraju
  • External Vice President: Jessica Miller
  • Treasurer: Arthur Tonelli
  • Bearathlon Race Director:
  • Sponsorship Chairs: Marcus Carr, Jack Arenas
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Ari Pascarella
  • Apparel Director: Melissa Miyamoto-Mills
  • Social/Recruitment Chairs: Lydia Roth, Nick Halkowski
  • Education Director: Catharina Giudice
  • Volunteer/Fundraising/Alumni Outreach Coordinator: Kristen Curry, Juliana Oronos
  • Secretary: Erin Colletta
  • Web Master: Varun Pemmaraju, Jessica Miller (no changes here…)

Congratulations to everyone listed above, and congratulations and thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Cal Tri over the past year. You guys have been, are, and forever will be a part of this team, and you have defined what it truly means to be a member of Cal Triathlon.

We’ll see you next year!