Davis Aquathlon 2012

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On October 28th, only a few days out from Halloween, was the Davis Aquathlon hosted by our lovely farm folk from UC Davis’ Triathlon Team. Given the glamor of the announcement of Nationals in Tempe, AZ and the counting down towards April 13, 2013, it is not surprising that the kickoff race to the WCCTC racing season received due hype from the triathletes of UC Berkeley. For example, the event saw more Cal Triathletes than all other schools combined – UCLA, Standford, and Davis included.

It was an opportunity to swim and run on a beautiful day in Winters, CA with a variety of competitors. The race itself was a 600 meter swim and a 5K run. Don’t let the awkwardly short 600m distance befuddle you though – the swim was character-building to say the least. This is why we made sure to get our Potassium in! There shall be no cramping!

One of our own, Chris Everettdared the frigid water without his wetsuit and successfully overcame the stretches of seaweed and a “would be” kelp crawl. From the swim our

Tri Virgins no more!

racers were challenged with maintaining their balance through unexpected mud (did someone say Tough Mudder?) as they clamored through transition and onto a fast paced 5K. The run was a swift and rolling 3.1 miles over grass and asphalt. Though the experience may not be the fondest for everyone (Davis never is, after all.. :D), it will certainly be strong for many – certainly unforgettable to those who were endeavoring to complete their first race with us.

When it came time for awards, we were proud to find Cal Tri well-represented and rewarded for their hard work and heart. In the collegiate male division we had a number of successes beginning with ex-el-Presidente Brandt Champion in 2nd (26:14.12), followed by Lauri Takacsi-Nagy in 5th (26:59.71), Michael Knitz in 7th (28:03.71), Yoni Doron-Peters in 9th (29:35.47 with some getting lost a-la-Varun-and-Lauri in there), Sam Schneider in 10th (29:35.86), Chris Everett in 11th (30:07.7), Daniel Riffe in 12th (30:20.8), John Ezaki in 15th (32:11.56), Louie Cao in 16th (32:34.26), Marcus Carr in 17th (32:44.4), Jason Allenstein in 25th (37:47.56), and Jason Budge in 27th (50:35.55); and an honorable mention to Ben Butler who beasted it in the swim but decided to have mercy on lesser mortals and forego the run! More importantly (of course) we had a wonderful turnout on the girls end beginning with Shelley Harper in 2nd in her first race since SWIMMING OLYMPIC TRIALS WHATTTABEASTTT (30:33.74), Jessica Miller in 3rd (30:51.70), closely followed by roomy-and-fellow-happa Melissa Miyamoto-Mills in 4th (31:07.41), Lydia Roth in 5th (32:12.49), Emily Lin in 6th (33:24.05), Olivia Cusiamano in 7th (35:38.85), Elaine Liu in 12th (35:49.91), Kristen Curry in 13th (37:09.82), and Erin Colletta in 17th (39:15.53), Sara Cardullo in 18th (42:14.54), Courtney Pasco in 21st (46:20.37). Finally, let us not forget to mention Julie Takagi who was so amped that she found herself caught up with the guys and blazing her own trail.. maybe not in the official results, but we know you worked hard!

Best of all, the team kicked off the season with not one, not two, but THREE Overall Double U’s (Mens, Womens, and Overall). Chalk that up in the Omnium!

It’s not easy being this good AND this good-looking, but somehow we manage.

Another proud day in the record books for Cal Tri, many of whom found a much deserved reward of  “In n’ Out” on their journey home.  Needless to say, we look forward to what the season holds for us, and (is it too early to say it?) hope that there’s a little pot of gold medals at the end of the road for us come season’s end.