Cal Tri shines in Panama

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While the majority of the team is occupying themselves with silly little one-hour races, Cal Tri alums Brandt Champion and Shelley Harper and current member Erika Erickson sought out a more daunting challenge – Panama 70.3.

The trio found great success. Brandt and Shelley finished first and second in their respective age groups, a promising result for a 70.3 Worlds berth later on in the season. Erika took on the pro field and had a breakthrough race, finishing 10th against world-class athletes. For context, the men’s pro race was won by Javier Gomez. Ever heard of him? KOABD.

For a humorous “race” report that doesn’t actually say much about ┬áthe race but is an otherwise very fun read check out Erika’s post on her team blog.

Way to go guys!